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Lacquered Tray on Stand (Kalat)
Shan States, Burma
circa 1920

diameter: 53cm, height: 24cm

This kalat (also known as a daung-lan) is a small table or tray with attached stand is from the Shan States of Eastern Burma, most probably from the Intha
people of Inla Lake in Yawnghwe State. It is painted with lacquer rather than having the lacquer thickly applied as with pieces from elsewhere in Burma. The
lacquer has been applied to a fine bamboo base. The red lacquer ground is over-painted with a black hooked spiral pattern, which is typical of the region. The
underside of the tray is in black.

The gently concave circular tray is fixed to a ring which is attached to eleven pegs which in turn are attached to another ring.

Kalats were designed as food trays that were placed on the floor and from which food was served communally. Diners would sit around it, also on the floor,
and so the
kalat would be at waist level. Dishes of food were placed in the centre of the kalat and each diner would have a plate and would help himself from

See Isaacs & Blurton (2000, p. 99), Fraser-Lu (200, p. 97) and Conway (2006, p. 160) for related Shan States

The item was acquired in the UK and almost certainly has been in the UK since the colonial era - its hues have mellowed and yet the condition is excellent:
there are no significant losses to the lacquer and no repairs. The bold design allows the item to fit into a modern or traditional decor.

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Provenance: UK art market

Inventory no.: 1205

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