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Jain Goddess Padmavati
late 17th century

height: 19.2 cm

This finely cast and detailed image of the Jain yakshi Padmavati shows the deity sitting atop an open lotus flower on a multi-tiered platform. She holds in her
four arms an elephant goad (
ankus), a lotus stem, reins and a fruit. She wears elaborate necklaces, earrings, waist chains and other jewellery, a finely
detailed dhoti and a tall crown.

Padmavati is a popular Jain goddess. She is the
shasan-devi of the 23rd Tirthankara, Lord Parshva. Often a small image of the Tirthankara is placed in her
crown, as is the case in this image. Padmavati is typically cast with a snake’s hood covering her head, and she sits on a lotus flower. Both these stylistic
devices are employed in this piece, with the snake’s body draped down her back to the platform.

The base is inscribed at the front, which is unusual. The condition of this piece is exceptional.
Puja wear is evident but minimal. The detailing is crisp. There
are some traces of vermillion residue. The figure exudes an alluring sensuality and a powerful feminine energetic presence.

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