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Large Gilt Niello Silver Rice Ladle
19th century

length: 43cm, width of bowl at widest point: 11cm, weight: 226g

This unusually large rice serving spoon is of high-grade, beaten silver. The long handle has an elongated lozenge shape with a stylised lai kranok (flame)
motif finial.

The bowl of the spoon is deep, large and oval shaped.

The font of the handle and finial are entirely decorated with gilded (gold-plated) niello work. The central section of the handle is decorated with a
lai dok
(flower) motif. The edge is decorated with a lotus petal border also decorated with gilded niello.

The back of the bowl of the spoon is similarly decorated with a gilded niello flower border around the rim.

A similar, though smaller, ladle is illustrated in Naengnoi Punjabhan (1991, p. 181).

The example here is noteworthy for its size, sculptural value and obvious age. It has a fine patina and wear that suggests use.

References: Naengnoi Punjabhan, Silverware in Thailand, Rerngrom Publishing, 1991.

Provenance: UK art market

Inventory no.: 1905 SOLD