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Early Brass-inlaid Jar
17th century or earlier

height: 9cm, diameter: 10.7cm, weight: 378g

This jar or vase is of flattened spherical form is about the size of a small cannonball. It is largely covered by a fish scale design in brass around most of its
body. The base is undecorated but surrounded by a petal-like border in brass inlay. Another petal border is on the shoulder of the vase, and the short neck is
decorated with a chevron pattern. The fish-scale pattern is  unusual.

The vase has a superb patina: clearly, it is very old. There is a repair to the base and a crack is present from midway up one side. The inlay has become
obscured in places. The condition is stable. The apparent age and rarity of the motif makes this example an interesting study piece.

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Provenance: UK art market

Inventory no.: 2128 SOLD