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Four Jamnagar ‘Gulab’ Betel Cutters
Jamnagar, India, but collected in Java, Indonesia
19th-20th century

length: each is approximately 15 cm

These four brass betel cutters with iron blades, each stamped with model numbers and all stamped ‘Jamnagar’ and maker’s name, either ‘Gulab’ or ‘R. Gulab
Jagjiwan/Boodh & Co.’ are neither exceptional nor particularly beautiful. But they are interesting for the fact that each was found on Java, Indonesia.

The trade in Indian textiles to Indonesia is well documented. But less well known is the international trade in betel paraphernalia. Similarly, many Burmese betel
cutters turn up in India. They were brought into India via Madras and so today are often erroneously assumed in India to be from Madras rather than Burma.

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