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Pair of Gold Earrings
Liao Dynasty, 10-12th century

height: 3.2cm, width: 2.2cm: combined weight: 6g

This fine pair of solid gold earrings is related in form to a single gold earring illustrated on White & Bunker (1994, p. 159) and a close replica to a jade pair
illustrated on the same page. The U-shapes were hollow cast in two pieces and then carefully soldered together. There is a hollow knob on the face of each
earring and a leaf shape protrusion from the lower part of the body of the earring.

The earrings are free of repairs or cracks and are in a wearable, stable condition.

White, J.M. & E.C. Bunker,
Adornment for Eternity: Status and Rank in Chinese Ornament, Denver Art Museum/The Woods Publishing Company, 1994.

Provenance: private collection, UK

Inventory no.: 2493

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