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Zand-Qajar Faience-Glazed Earthenware Plate
18th-19th century

diameter: 20.5cm

This amusing and whimsical earthenware plate, glazed with cobalt blue and a thick translucent glaze with a greenish tinge, shows a Persian-style face peering
through what appears to be a round window in the plate. The rim is decorated with a double of stylised leaves and flowers.

The plate sits on a low foot rim and the reverse is largely unglazed.

The style of the face drawn on the paint is reminiscent of Qajar portraiture which became fashionable during the Zand Dynasty of the late eighteenth century

The surface of the plate has the usual three spur marks caused by stacking in the kiln and the firing process.

The plate is in excellent condition without chips or cracks.

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Provenance: UK art market

Inventory no.: 2513 SOLD