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Tall Brass Lamp Oil Container
South India
18th-19th century

height: 40cm

This very tall, elegant container is of turned and cast brass. It has a spherical base, two handles and a long, tapering faceted, hexagonal spout. Examples
were used in Kerala and Tamil Nadu but probably in the Deccan as well. This example is particularly fine.

A silver example which is 43cm tall is illustrated in Terlinden (1987, p, 180). Terlinden comments that such vessels were used in palaces and elsewhere to
re-fill both oil lamps.

A vessel of similar form is in the David Collection and illustrated in von Folsach (2001, p. 333). The David example is described as a bronze rosewater
sprinkler and attributed to 17th century India.

The example here is in fine condition with an appealing, honeyed patina.

von Folsach, K., Art from the World of Islam: in the David Collection, 2001.
Terlinden, C.,
Mughal Silver Magnificence, Antalga, 1987.

Provenance: UK art market

Inventory no.: 2870

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