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Mughal Chased, Silver Mounted Dagger (Khanjar)
Northern India
18th century

height: 33.6cm, weight: 209g

This fine short dagger or knife is entirely encased in sheet silver.  The hilt finial is in the form of a tiger's head. The scabbard is decorated on both sides with
engraved cartouches of Mughalesque stylised poppy sprays. The edge of the scabbard is decorated with a row of pearl-like motifs. The chape has a
flower-bud finial.

The single-edge steel blade comes to a sharp point. It has old staining.

The silver is high-grade (very pure) and has a lovely, soft patina.

Zebrowski, M., Gold, Silver & Bronze from Mughal India, Alexandria Press, 1997.

Provenance:  UK antique market

Inventory no.: 3317 SOLD

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