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Painted & Lacquered Mirror Case
Persia (Iran)
Zand Dynasty, circa 1780

height: 21.8cm, width: 15.2cm, thickness: 1cm

This papier mache mirror case of rectangular form and hinged cover is decorated front and back and on the interior leaf with elaborate and finely painted and
gul-o bulbul decoration of various flowers and hazelnut clusters as well as small birds and butterflies.

Unusually, the case retains its original glass mirror. The hinges and latch are of silver.

The silvering of the mirror has deteriorated, as might be expected. There is also evidence of light restoration to the lacquered surfaces. The sides show some
scuffing. Some of the silver hinge components are likely replacements. But overall, the lacquered and painted decoration is intact and bright.

Loukonine, V., & A. Ivanov, Persian Lost Treasures, Mage Publishers, 2003.

Provenance:  private collection, UK

Inventory no.: 3581

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