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Repoussed Silver Bowl with Tugra
Ottoman Turkey
18th-19th century

diameter: 13.5cm, height: 4.3cm, weight: 133g

This fine, repoussed high-sided silver bowl is from Ottoman Turkey. It is decorated with lace-like, interlocking arabesques and small sprays of foliage.

The base of the bowl has a very slight dome, providing a slightly convex interior. The exterior upper rim is decorated with a finely chased ribbed band.

The interior base has been stamped with a tugra (the symbol of the reigning sultan used as a local silver control mark.)

Other than for some age-related tarnishing (which could be removed but we have elected not to do so), the bowl is in excellent condition.

Pitarakis, B., & C. Merantzas,
A Treasured Memory: Ecclesiastical Silver from Late Ottoman Istanbul in the Sevgi Gonul Collection, Sadberk Hanim Muzesi,

Provenance: UK art market

Inventory no.: 3619 SOLD

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