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Solid & Engraved Silver Bracelet
Hmong or Mien Peoples, Northern Thailand
19th century

internal diameter (across): 5.7cm, weight: 84g

This 'C'-shaped bracelet is of solid-cast, high-grade silver. As such it is noticeably heavy in the hand. It has a fantastic patina; its contours have been worn
smooth from use and handling.

The outer surface is chiselled and incised with geometric, leaf, petal and flower motifs.

The ends widen and are flattened. This is typical of the heavy bracelets worn by the Hmong and the Mien peoples of the so-called Golden Triangle region of
northern Thailand.

Similar examples are illustrated in van Cutsem (2002, p. 271), and Lewis & Lewis (1984, p. 41).

The bracelet here is in excellent, wearable condition.

van Cutsem, A.,
A World of Bracelets: Africa, Asia, Oceania, America, Skira, 2002.
Lewis, P. & E.,
Peoples of the Golden Triangle: Six Tribes in Thailand, Thames & Hudson, 1984.

Provenance: Acquired in the UK, from the estate collection of Dr George Yuille Caldwell (1924-2016). Dr Caldwell, an English-born physician moved to
Singapore in the 1950s, from where he built up a collection of Asian ethnographica.

Inventory no.: 3965

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