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Engraved Silver Necklace with Suspended ‘Bells’
Oman, probably Sur
early 20th century

diameter: 12.6cm, weight: 61g

This silver torque-like necklace is of high-grade silver. It has been engraved and stamped with geometric motifs.  Nine pairs of silver bells are suspended from
the front of the necklace.

The form is inspired by the Islamic crescent motif.

A related example is illustrated in Hoek
et al (2004, p. 64). Another comprises the cover illustration of Rajab (1982).

According to Hoek
et al, the form and decoration shows similarities with necklaces worn by the minorities of southern China which might be explained by the
trading relations that once existed between Oman and China's southern Hainan island.

The example here is in fine condition.

Hoek, C.,
et al, Ethnic Jewellery: From Africa, Asia and Pacific Islands, Pepin Press, 2004.
Rajab, J.S.,
Silver Jewellery of Oman, Tareq Rajab Museum, 1998.

Provenance: private collection, UK.

Inventory no.: 3978 SOLD

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