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Complete Silver & Gold Head Ornament
early 20th century

length across (approx.): 44cm, approx. length of ornaments: 21cm, weight: 1,310g

This spectacular, museum-worthy, complete headdress is of high-grade, solid silver and thin gold sheet. It comprises two bunches of ornaments at either end
of a braided silver headband decorated with gold sheet plaques. The two groups of ornaments which would rest on either side of the head are kept in place by
the original leather strapwork.

The ornaments include large, solid silver hoops decorated with silver spikes, perhaps based on thistle-like seed pods; large, elongated silver 'pods' with
berry-like finials that are probably based on mulberries; dangling silver plaques based on the 'hand of Fatimah' motif; and an amulet box (
hirz), decorated with
gold plaques.

The headdress is worn with the silver and gold strap being balanced over the top of the head and being held in place by the weight of the silver ornaments on
either side of the head (in total, the headdress weighs more than 1.3 kilograms).

Such an extravagant and costly headdress would have been worn on important ceremonial occasions such as festivities associated with weddings.

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Provenance: UK art market

Inventory no.: 4012 SOLD

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