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Gilded Silver Filigree Bracelet with Hand-Painted Ivory Panels
circa 1900

internal diameter: 5.7cm, height: 2.8cm, weight: 66.56g

Bracelets of this type were produced in China for the local and export markets around 1900. This example is of unusually high quality. It comprises six hinged
segments or sections of gilded (gold-plated) silver wire mesh which has been finely and evenly woven.

Four of the six segments has been inset in raised settings with a rectangular ivory plaque each one of which has been delicately hand-etched and then
over-painted with a pheasant-like bird perched amid conifers. The remainder of each segment has been decorated with applied silver filigree wire and
granulation work in scrolling floral and foliage patterns.

The bracelet opens with a press-stud mechanism. It retains its original gilded safety chain.

The bracelet is in excellent condition. The gilding has softened over time and so now has a particularly pleasing subtle hue.

Herridge, E., Bringing Heaven to Earth: Chinese Silver Jewellery and Ornament in the Late Qing Dynasty, Ianthe Press/Paul Holberton Publishing, 2016.

Provenance: UK art market

Inventory no.: 4034

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