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Spanish Colonial Silver Two-Handled Bowl (Olla)
18th-early 19th century

height: 13.5cm, width: 19cm, weight: 568g

This globular bowl (olla) of beaten, high-grade, solid silver sits on a slightly flattened base. It rises to a thin, everted rim. Two side handles of flattened silver
loops are to on side; one is to hold the vessel, the other is to steady it.

Most probably it was intended to hold drinking water.

A similar example is illustrated in Taullard (2004, ill. 113) and in Luis Ribera & Schenone (1981, p. 272). Both these published examples are attributed to

The size and the purity of the silver make this item particularly decorative. It is in excellent condition, and it is heavy for its size.

Luis Ribera, A., & H.H. Schenone,
Plateria Sudamericana de los Siglos XVII-XX, Hirmer Verlag Muchen, 1981.
Taullard, A.,
Plateria Sudemericana, Ediciones Espeula de Plata, 2004.

Provenance: acquired within the UK; the previous owner acquired it in La Paz, Bolivia, in 1960.

Inventory no.: 4039 SOLD

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