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Enamelled Gold Diamond Necklace
Jaipur, India
circa 1850

full length: 41.5cm, weight: 49.6g

This fine necklace dates to the mid-19th century and was most probably priced in Jaipur. It comprises gold, table-cut diamonds, rubies and pearls. The gold
has been enamelled, most particularly on the reverse in cream, red and green enamels with Mughal-inspired floral designs.

A central pendant comprises a tear-shaped diamond surrounded by ten other diamonds and a suspended Baroque pearl. The necklaces includes sixteen
more suspended pendants of diamonds and pearls, with pearls being suspended form the spacers in between too.

The necklace is very wearable. There are no losses but some likely amendments to make the necklace more wearable in a more modern context: the catch is
later and probably dates to the late 19th century and includes a discrete safety chain for example.

Sharma, R.D. & M. Varadarajan, Handcrafted Indian Enamel Jewellery, Roli Books, 2004.

Provenance: UK art market

Inventory no.: 4070 SOLD

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