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Chased Silver Jug with Lizard Handle
Kutch, India
circa 1880

height: 28cm, width: 14cm, weight: 945g

This fine and unusual claret or wine jug is made of solid silver. It has a slightly compressed spherical body, a flattened base, and a long, thin neck with opens
to a wider mouth with an undulating lip.

The body and neck are chased all over with floral and foliate scrollwork against a finely tooled background. Interspersed are eight roundels filled with animal
hunt scenes and more floral sprays as well as peacocks. The animal hunt scenes draw on the style of traditional stucco wall paintings in Kutch.

The handle is in the form of a large lizard. The hinged lid is domed and topped with an elephant finial.

The jug is in excellent condition and is without dents or repairs.  It is not marked but is in the style of Oomersi Mawji, the most famous of Kutch silversmiths. A
jug with a similar form and decoration signed by Oomersi Mawji (or at least by his workshop) and in the British Museum can be seen

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Provenance: UK art market

Inventory no.: 4119 SOLD

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