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Bronze Pavarti/Durga Shrine Group
South India
circa 1850

height: 34.8cm, width: 17.8cm, depth: 16.8cm

This extraordinary image of Pavarti or the deity's manifestation Durga, cast in brass, stands on a raised, tiered, triangular dais (perhaps a shakti symbol) over
a large engraved lotus flower symbol on a shrine with a pierced backing plate surmounted by a multi-headed cobra and a
kurtimukha mask.

The patina, manner of construction and realism of the casting of the figure suggesting colonial influence suggest a mid-19th century dating.

The figure has been cast with four arms, only one of which holds an attribute - a small dish.

Small well-cast figures of a striped tiger and a bull (
nandi) are in attendance. (The tiger or lion is the mount or vahana of Durga and a tiger or lion and nandi
are the
vahanas for Pavarti.)

The figure is dressed in a saree with a long necklace that might be stylised severed heads. The hair is pulled back but flows freely down her back. A Shaivite
symbol is cast on her forehead.

The figure can be removed from the shrine, as can the backing plate.

The set is in excellent condition.

Mitchell, A.G.,
Hindu Gods and Goddesses, UBSPD, 1982.

Provenance: UK art market

Inventory no.: 4188 SOLD

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