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Pair of Silver Woman’s Hair Rings
Ant-Atlas Region, Morocco
19th century

length:  7cm, width: 2.8cm, combined weight: 136g

This matching pair of solid silver rings from the lower Atlas Mountains of Morocco, would have been worn in the hair. Such hair rings are increasingly rare and
this pair have superb patina - their contours have been rounded and smoothed from decades of wear and handling.

The top surface has been decorated with green and yellow enamel.

The form is almost architectural and reminiscent of traditional Jewish wedding rings - indeed, they might well be copies of such rings. Morocco historically had
a vibrant Sephardic Jewish community that was relatively well integrated with local culture and commerce.

See Grammet & de Meersman (1998, p. 283) for several related pairs.

Grammet, I., & M. de Meersman (eds.), Splendeurs du Maroc, Musee Royal de l'Afrique Centrale, 1998.

Provenance: private collection, London.

Inventory no.: 4284

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