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Fine Glass Bead Necklace with Brass Trophy Heads
Naga People, Burma/India
late 19th century

length: 72cm, length of trophy heads: 10.4cm, total weight: 187g

This splendid Naga necklace comprises a series of glass trade beads (probably from Europe and China), and a pendant of three cast brass trophy heads with
suspended cast brass bells on beaded tassels. The dotted black beads are most likely from Venice where such beads have been produced since the early
19th century.

Necklaces of this type with representations of severed human heads traditionally were reserved for warriors who had successfully taken heads. Probably, the
form was copied from Indian brass box lids (Jacobs, 1990, p. 252).

The necklace and all its constituent parts have excellent patina: it has clear age. The trophy heads have wonderful wear and patina. This is important because
modern reproductions abound. There are no losses and the necklace is stable and wearable.

here to see a related although less elaborate example in New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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Provenance: private collection, London.

Inventory no.: 4369 SOLD

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