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Ivory Comb with Polychrome
Sri Lanka
17th-18th century

height: 10.4cm: width: 5.5cm, weight: 31g

This comb is carved from a single piece of ivory. It is carved on both sides with each side being the mirror image of the other.

The pierced central panel has been finely carved to show the goddess Lakshmi (on both sides and with beautifully carved faces) who sits with her legs
crossed and holding sprays of foliage in both hands. The goddess has ample breasts, jewellery and a striped

The central panel has an upper and lower border decorated in relief with pairs of elephants separated by a flower in one case and a leafy flourish in the other.
The pairs of elephants are further confirmation that the deity shown is Lakshmi who is often shown in South India and Sri Lanka with elephant pairs.

Traces of the original red and green polychrome are present, most notably on the
dhoti of Lakshmi, which is coloured red on one side of the comb and green
on the other.

This comb is interesting for its near perfect condition, and for the remnants of pigment which are still visible. Few Sri Lankan ivory combs from this period are
as well preserved. (For example, see
here a related comb is in the Victoria & Albert Museum.)

The comb relates to others that found their way into the 'cabinets of curiosities' of Europe's royalty and aristocracy in the 18th century and earlier.

The comb here is in a fine, stable condition. There is some shallow, age-related cracking which is typical of old ivory. One outer prong is slightly shortened as
a consequence. All other prongs are present and full. The ivory itself has a superb, shiny patina.

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Provenance: UK art market

Inventory no.: 4383

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