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Large Bronze Vishnu
South India
Vijaynagara Period, circa 16th century

height (without stand): 39.5cm

This tall, imposing solid bronze image of the standing Vishnu has a fine chocolate patina and wear consistent with considerable age and puja (prayer) use.

The figure originally was cast with four arms. The front right hand is in
abhaya. There is a long pleated dhoti that reaches to the ankles and is incised with
pleasing flower motifs; multiple necklaces, waist and breast cords; a very narrow waist and elongated body; and a tall, conical crown.

The figure's feet rest on a round platform.

A related bronze is illustrated in Nagaswamy (2006, p. 218).

The image has lost two arms, has a flattened nose and no longer has the original plinth on which it would have stood. Instead, it comes with a custom-made,
black metal stand and so stands in a stable fashion for display purposes.

Provenance: UK art market

Nagaswamy, R.,
Timeless Delight: South Indian Bronzes in the Collection of the Sarabhai Foundation, Sarabhai Foundation, 2006.

Provenance: UK art market; most probably has been in the UK since colonial times.

Inventory no.: 4539

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