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Bronze Standing Crowned Buddha
Ayutthaya Period, 16th-17th century

height (without stand): 33.5cm, with stand: 39cm, width: 12.6cm

This image of the Buddha, which dates to the 16th or 17th century of the Ayutthaya periond, is depicted as a princely figure, standing with a flared robe, and
with elaborate necklaces and a foliate crown or diadem. The face is delicate  with downcast eyes beneath arched eyebrows, and a generally benign

The right hand is raised in
abhaya mudra, the gesture of reassurance; the left rests by the image's side.

The style of the image has its origins in the Sukhothai period, but there are key characteristics which mark this out as an Ayutthaya piece. The prominent waist
band and pleat of the robe that runs down the legs of the image are one such characteristic.

The image retains traces of gilding over much of its surface and originally was entirely gilded (gold plated). With time, much of this has worn away.

The surface has a deep, varying patina consistent with a 16th-17th century dating. It is a fine example of this type of Thai Buddha image. There are no losses
or repairs. It stands on a quality, custom-made black stand.

Woodward, H.W.,
The Sacred Sculpture of Thailand: The Alexander B. Griswold Collection - The Walters Art Gallery, Thames & Hudson, 1997.

private collection, UK. The previous owner built up a collection of Buddha images mostly from old UK colonial sources, and did so over a long lifetime.

Inventory no.: 4586 SOLD

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