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Cast Bronze Buddha
Shan People, Eastern Burma
circa 18th-19th century

height: 31.3cm, width: 16cm

The Buddha in this image has been cast with the elongated features often seen among Shan Buddha images. The head bends slightly forward, the eyes are
half-closed and there is a double row of eyebrows. The nose is prominent and the nostrils pronounced. The lips are fleshy and turn up slightly at the corners.
The ears are elongated and are those of a prince, reminding us of the Buddha's princely origins. The hairstyle is akin to neat rows of peppercorns.

The image wears the simple robes of a monk. They have however been embellished with some decoration - incised on after casting.  His right shoulder has
been left bare. He sits on a high, tiered throne that is sharply waisted in the middle. Such thrones are characteristic to Burmese and Shan Buddha thrones.
The elongated bud-like jewel to the top of the Buddha's head is also peculiar to Burmese and Shan images and seems to have its origins in seventeenth
century representations of the Buddha (Lowry, 1974).

The flattened cartouche at the back of the throne has been incised with an inscription in Shan-Burmese script.

The image is in fine condition and has a fine golden patina.

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private collection, UK. The previous owner built up a collection of Buddha images mostly from old UK colonial sources, and did so over a long lifetime.

Inventory no.: 4591 SOLD

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