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Parcel Gilded Silver Buckle
18th-19th century

length: 21.5cm, width: 7.2cm, height: weight: 302g

This belt buckle is very much in the Ottoman and Ottoman Greek style, a style that was also worn in the Ottoman Balkans. Ottoman empire rulers and warriors
wore belts and elaborate, over-sized buckles as symbols of their power and rank. The fashion for such ostentatious belts was largely over by the mid-19th

Formed as two circular bosses of slightly domed plain silver sheet overlaid with gilded silver filigree and chased strap work, each half of the buckle is further
decorated with a raised central roundel, and surrounding applied filigree spangles.

A central roundel that hides the latch mechanism s similarly decorated.

The buckle is decorative and in fine condition. One decorative applied spangle appears to be a replacement. There is minor age and use-related denting and
so on, but all acceptable and appropriate given the item's use and age. There are no obvious maker's or assay marks.

Koc, A.,
et al, Istanbul: The City and the Sultan, Nieuwe Kerk, 2007.

Provenance: UK art market

Inventory no.: 4672

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