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Tall, Standing Gilded Bronze Buddha
Rattanakosin Period, 19th century

height: 64.5cm

This tall image of the Buddha of impressive height has been cast in bronze and gilded. The image stands on a platform of four tiers. The right hand is raised in
abhaya mudra, the gesture of reassurance; the left rests alongside the out-stretched robes. Sometimes, this stance is referred to as the 'Buddha reconciling
his relatives.'

Although the figure has been cast with the robes of a monk, the robes are cast with jewel-like designs - a reference to the Buddha's princely heritage.

The styling and decoration is very much in keeping with the Rattanakosin style that was popular in Bangkok in the 19th century.

At the back of the dais on which the images stands is a metal loop, which most probably held the pole of a tall, tiered parasol over the head of the image to
further underscore the Buddha's aristocratic origins.

The image is in fine condition. It is tall and decorative.

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Provenance:  UK art market

Inventory no.: 4679

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