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Rare Terracotta Dish decorated with Black Crow Pattern
Kalong, Northern Thailand
14th-15th century

diameter: 19.7cm, height: 3.8cm

Northern Thai bowls kilned at Kalong from the 14th-15th century with the 'black crow' pattern are relatively rare and yet the pattern is quite iconic. The crows
are abstract and might also be bats, but generally, the motif is known as the 'black crow' motif.

Decorated in underglaze iron with three 'crow' motifs around a central similar motif, the bowl itself has high sides and sits on a low rim foot. The exterior sides
are decorated with swirling motifs.

The bowl is light and finely potted, in keeping with most terracotta from Kalong, and has a darkened, finely crazed glaze. It is also slightly warped as is the case
with other examples of this genre (see for example an example in the Asian Arts Museum in San Francisco - Guy, 1993, p. 166).

Similar examples are illustrated in Menzies (2000, p. 94), Rooney (2013, p. 320, 322), Miksic (2009, p. 62), Guy (1993, p. 166), and Brown (1988, plate XXXIX).

The bow is in excellent condition and is without cracks, chips or repairs.

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Provenance: private collection, UK

Inventory no.: 4692

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