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Bronze Spouted Lota
Kerala, South India
17th century

height: 12.3cm, width: 17cm, weight: 1,269g

This beautiful bronze lota has obvious great age and a superb dark brown patina. It has a flattened, spherical body; a low, flared foot; a short neck which
opens to a wide mouth; and a short stubby spout that emerges from a tear-shaped cartouche that wraps down over the body.

The body, neck and rim are cast with fine bands and rings.

Such a
lota would have been reserved for ritual purposes, for holding and dispensing holy water.

There are old, irregularities to the foot, associated with age and use. The
lota is very well cast, and with its superb patina, has wonderful decorative presence.

Zebrowski, M., Gold, Silver & Bronze from Mughal India, Alexandria Press, 1997.

Provenance: private collection, UK

Inventory no.: 4698

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