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Unusual Repoussed Silver Lidded Box
circa 1890

length: 26.7cm, height: 12cm, depth: 10.3cm, weight: 1,184g

This superb box of solid repoussed silver stands on four fine, zoomorphic feet. It has a slightly domed, hinged lid. It is repoussed in complex, intertwined, high
relief on all sides and on the lid.

Various figures in Burmese dress are shown acting out scenes in Burmese lore within interlinked cartouches.

The reverse of the box is particularly noteworthy for it shows a colonial-style house of Burmese materials and with a gabled roof  but probably intended for a
local princely Burmese. It is the first time we have encountered such a motif in Burmese silver.

The box is in excellent condition. It is unusual for its form and motifs.

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Provenance: UK art market

Inventory no.: 4714 SOLD

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