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Bronze Image of Standing Hanuman
circa 17th-18th century

height: 12.6cm

This fine image of the monkey deity Hanuman is particularly noteworthy for its tail which rises from behind the god and reaches above his head in a long, fine,
'S'-shaped crook. The deity stands on a tiered square platform with his hands clasped before him in
anjali mudra.

He is bare-chested but wears a fringed
dhoti; a prominent necklace; arm bands, bracelets and anklets; and a tiered headdress.

Only the tail and head betray monkey features; the body is largely human.

Hanuman is a popular god all over Hindu India but is particularly ubiquitous in the South. He is a key figure in the Ramayana epic as the head of the monkey
army and is charged with capturing the heroine Sita from the evil Ravana.

The image here has a fine, glossy chocolate patina. The contours have been softened by ritual handling and
puja wear. There are no major losses or repairs.

Pal, P., Indian Sculpture, Volume 2 - 700-1800, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 1988.
Pal, P.,
Art from the Indian Subcontinent: Asian Art at the Norton Simon Museum, Yale University Press, 2003.

Provenance: UK art market

Inventory no.: 4810

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