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Mughal Talismanic Nephrite Amulet Pendant Carved with Koranic Verses
North India
circa 17th-18th century

width: 4.2cm, height: 3.3cm, weight: 15.34g

This protective Islamic amulet pendant from northern India is of a nephrite plaque point engraved finely with four lines of Koranic script. It is carved on one side
only; the reverse is plain.

The pendant is thicker at the top than at the bottom and so tapers on its front. The sides are also rounded have been scored to give it more tactility.

The middle section at the top has been drilled on both sides so that a hole runs transversely through to allow the pendant to be suspended.

Such amulets were worn around the neck and served talismanic, protective purposes.

It is in fine condition with evidence of wear from age and use.

Maddison, F. & E. Savage-Smith,
The Nasser D. Khalili Collection of Islamic Art: Science, Tools & Magic, Part One: Body and Spirit, Mapping the Universe,
The Nour Foundation, 1997.
Untracht, O.,
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Provenance: private collection, London.

Inventory no.: 4925

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