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Silver Bangle
Madhya Pradesh, India
early 20th century

external diameter: 10.6cm, internal diameter: 6.5cm, weight: 290g

This spectacular, sculptural 'C'-shaped bangle has been made in silver. It is of thick gauge silver but is hollow. The hoop is decorated with two bands of tiny
spheres that are pieced all the way through. The ridge between the two bands is chased with a band of geometric motifs. The ends terminate with heavy,
applied granulation work.

Traditionally, such bangles were worn by women in rural communities in Madhya Pradesh.

The bangle is stable and wearable.

van Cutsem, A.,
A World of Bracelets: Africa, Asia, Oceania, America, Skira, 2002.

Provenance: Formerly in the collection of the late Paul Walter; most probably acquired by Walter in London.

Inventory no.: 4962

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