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Silver Amulet Box & Chain
Kerala, India
19th century

length of box: 11cm, height of box: 5.5cm, length of chain: 27cm, overall weight: 303g

This heavy crescent-shaped silver box has the form of a seed pod or perhaps the hull of a boat. It served as a container for protective talismans and would
have been worn around the neck.

It has raised rides and bands of foliate decoration. The top is chased with two pairs of addorsed parrots and a pair of protective
kirtimukha masks. A hinged lid
is decorated in high relief with petal motifs and a high bud-like finial.

Prominent eyelets at either end a decorated with applied and engraved flower motifs. The original, thick, heavy silver-wire chain is threaded through these.

Related examples are illustrated in Untracht (1997, p. 127) and Borel (1997, p. 144).

The example here has clear wear. The presence of the original chain is important - it is superb in its own right.

Untracht, O., Traditional Jewelry of India, Thames & Hudson, 1997.

Provenance: Collection of Paul Walter, probably acquired in London

Inventory no.: 4986 SOLD

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