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Braided Silver Girdle & Amulet Box
Andra Pradesh, India
19th-early 20th century

length of chain: 60cm length of box: 9.4cm, weight: 178g

Interestingly, this item is not a necklace and pendant, although it could be easily worn as one today, but was originally intended as a belt or girdle, to be worn
about the waist.

It comprises a thick woven silver chain and a rectangular box with a rounded top which has a hinged lid topped by a bud-like finial.

Two large and decorative loops on each side allow the box to be suspended. The base of these are decorated with gardooning and applied floral plaques.

The underside of the box is beautifully formed with undulation and ribbing.

The box was intended to hold protective keepsakes to serve as a talisman and would have been worn by a Hindu woman.

A related example is illustrated in Daalder (2009, p. 318) and another is in Hoek (2004, p. 147).

The example here is in excellent condition, and today, is stable and wearable as a necklace.

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Hoek, C.,
et al, Ethnic Jewellery: From Africa, Asia and Pacific Islands, Pepin Press, 2004.

Collection of the late Paul Walter, New York, probably acquired in London.

Inventory no.: 4987 SOLD

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