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Cast Brass Betel or Jewellery Box
Malay People, probably Malaysia
17th-18th century

length: 23cm, width: 11.7cm, height: 10.5cm

This splendid cast brass box with a hinged lid would have been used to hold either betel or perhaps jewellery. It is one of the best examples we have seen. It is
also one of the earliest. Probably it was cast on the Malay Peninsula or in Sumatra. The designs show a mixture of the Islamic-Malay aesthetic with Chinese
influence. It also has some similarities with boxes produced in the southern Philippines, such as among the Islamic peoples of Mindanao and Sulu.

Of rectangular form, it has bevelled edges, a domed, hinged lid, a pierced skirt around all sides, and stands on four brass 'wheels'.

The decoration includes continuous woven patterning, leafy arabesques and applied brass wire and granulation work in a form known as the
telur ikan ('fish
egg') motif.

The quality of the box continues inside - the interior of the lid has also been cast or chiselled with foliate designs.

The box has a superb patina, lovely wear, and very clear, significant age. It is an excellent piece.

Singh, B.,
Malay Brassware, National Museum of Singapore, 1985.

Provenance: UK art market

Inventory no.: 5042 SOLD