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Cast Brass Headrest-Shaped Betel Box
Sumatra, Indonesia
18th century

length: 18.3cm, width: 9.7cm, height: 6.3cm, weight: 515g

This box of thick brass sheet belongs to a relatively rare group of betel and tobacco boxes from Sumatra that have this distinctive shape. This shape, possibly  
based on that of a pillow or head rest, comprises tapering, slightly concave sides and a concave lid or cover such that each of the four corners rises to a
distinct point.

et al (2016, p. 202) refers to this type of box as a 'Padang' betel box because they are most associated with the Padang Highlands in Sumatra. The boxes
have however surfaces elsewhere such as in Eastern Indonesia, but this might simply have been as a result of trade. Lee
et al illustrate three such boxes -
one of gold, one of silver and one of wood with silver mounts. Jasper & Pirngadie (1930, p. 43) illustrate one in silver. The example here is the only brass
example of which we are aware.

The box here has a superb golden patina. The surfaces have plenty of old scratches and remnants of staining - the age of the box is clear. Overall, it is a very
sculptural item with a great deal of presence.

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et al, Port Cities: Multicultural Emporiums of Asia 1500-1900, Asian Civilisations Museum, 2016.
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Provenance: UK art market

Inventory no.: 5043 SOLD