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Colonial Silver & Coral Hinged Bracelet
circa 1920

internal diameter: 5.2cm, external diameter: 8.5c, width: 4.2cm, weight: 126g

This unusual, dramatic but wearable bracelet from Algeria is based on the striking bracelets with protruding spikes said to have been traditionally worn by
prostitutes. Stylistic modifications have been made, perhaps for the colonial French market, and these seem to have Art Deco inspiration. These modifications
largely are the four prominent applied oval protuberances each with rope-twist sides and decorated on top with four silver spheres and a central coral
cabochon, all in rope-twist settings.

The bracelet is hinged and opens to allow it to be put over the wrist and closed again, the closure being effected with a pin mechanism.

The bracelet is in fine condition without losses or repairs.

pers. comm., Sarah Corbet & Alaa Eddine Sagid, February, 2018.

Provenance: UK art market

Inventory no.: 5048

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