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Polished Yixing Teapot with Metal Mounts
China but made for the Thai or Burmese Markets
19th century

length: 19.2cm, height: 15cm

This delightfully-proportioned teapot made of a type of clayware known as Yixing, has a highly polished surface done for the Thai and Burmese markets.
Yixing ware for the local Chinese and other markets was left with a matt finish.)

The teapot is of flattened, spherical form. It sits on a low, ring foot and has a short, fine spout.

The swing handle is of brass and the knob on the lid, the edge of the lid and mouth of the teapot, the foot and the end of the spout all are encased in thin

The base is stamped with a square retailer's or maker's mark bearing a rat beneath Thai script characters.

There are no chips or repairs and only  some very minor scuffing to the polished surface.

Acquired in Singapore by A.S. Haynes of England around 1920, and thereafter by descent. Haynes held a number of positions in the colonial administration,
including that of Acting Colonial Secretary (Straits Settlements).

Inventory no.: 5175 SOLD