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Mounted Ivory Kris Hilt
Malay People, Northern Malaysia
19th century

length (without stand): 7.5cm

This fine hilt for a traditional Malay kris has been carved from ivory. It has a stylised zoomorphic form usually referred to as a jawa demam.

The condition is very good. There are no losses and no repairs. The ivory has a yellowing patina. The hilt has been mounted on a blackened wood stand.

Caravana, J. et al, Rites of Power: Oriental Weapons: Collection of Jorge Caravana, Caleidoscopio, 2010.
Gardner, G.B.,
Keris and other Malay Weapons, Orchid Press, 2009 (reprint of 1936 original).

Provenance: UK art market

Inventory no.: 5408

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