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Fine Pair of Pepper Pots
Kutch, India
circa 1880

height: 7.5cm, combined weight: 127g

This pair of pepper pots cast and chased in a typically Cutch style with scrolling foliage and flowers has been executed in high-grade but unmarked silver.  

Lids that are inset in the top of each pot screw out to allow pepper and salt top be poured in. The lids of both are pierced with holes to allow the contents to be sprinkled.
Both sit on wide, flared feet.

Both are in a very fine condition and are free of dents or other blemishes.

References: Pots executed in a similar style are illustrated in Wilkinson, W., Indian Silver 1858-1947: Silver from the Indian Sub-Continent and Burma During Ninety
Years of British Rule
, 1999, p. 100.

Inventory no.: 699

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